Monday, August 24, 2009

They're Back!!

I am so excited! I haven't seen the deer in the field behind our house all summer and I happened to glance up today and there they were. Brought along 2 new deer from this year! I love it, I could sit and watch them all day. The young deer seemed especially skittish and stayed near the edge of the woods in the shadows until they all ran across to the other side and disappeared into those woods. It's a good day!
I have been busy all day preparing for leading my stamp club tomorrow. We will be doing 2 techniques, one using colored pencils and a watercolor technique using aqua painters. Hope they have fun and like the techniques.
Last Friday was my birthday and I got some beautiful flowers from my son and daugher-in-law.

Aren't they beautiful? Thanks Jared and Anita!
Don't birthdays seem to just come faster and faster????? mine do and this one was definitely unique!
Better run and finish getting ready for tomorrow. Hope you see something that makes your day like those deer made mine!


  1. Hi, Debbie! What a great picture! You managed to have a sighting AND get a photo! Wow! Love those deer! Lovely flowers, too! :-)

  2. Hi again, Debbie! Just wants to say, Hi! :-)


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