Friday, October 30, 2009

Gorgeous Fall Leaves

We took a little trip last weekend to the North Carolina mountains. We were going up for a 60th birthday party for 4 of Larry's cousins and it coincided with the peak of leaf season.
Everyone from that area kept telling us that the leaves were not that spectacular this year but we were in awe! Down on the coast we don't have nearly the amount of color and we thoroughly enjoyed it. This first view is in Glendale Springs at the location of the party. It was getting late and it had been cloudy but as the sun was going down the clouds were breaking up and it was stunning.

Larry's sister Shiela, her husband and daughter were with us. Megan is a professional photographer and I am sure her pictures will be spectacular. We had stopped to take pictures near a stream and were trying to get closer to it when I busted my backside on the side of the mountain. First thing I heard was don't help her up till I get pictures........I had people on both sides of me snapping away. Those pictures are private viewing only as I reminded Megan that she couldn't post any unless I looked skinny and young LOL! Larry came back up the hill and saw me on my backside in the mud and the only worry I saw in his eyes was "she is not getting in my vehicle covered in mud!" Thanks goodness there was something to sit on or I might still be there waiting for some clean clothes.


  1. Beautiful! Sorry about your fall into the mud but I'm glad you didn't have to hitchike home! Note to self - always keep beach towels in the car for mud emergencies :-)

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  3. Hi, Debbie! We've been noticing more oranges and reds this year in the leaves near Raleigh. The photos you took are awesome! I especially like the first one - you captured the light just right! It looks like some famous pastoral painting! :-)

  4. What gorgeous fall colors....We are still green here in Texas!!! I miss the change of seasons but sure do love our mild winters!!!


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