Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Cristmas tree, O Christmas tree!

Don't you just love Christmas trees? Especially now that they have prelit trees. I like to leave my tree up for a long time so I changed over to artificial probably 15 years ago. It used to take me all day to get the lights on but now I can get my tree up in half the time thanks to them being pre-lit. In the past I have put up as many as 5 trees and I have a small house so it looked like a forest, but I am so over that! One tree is enough for me. I love glass ornaments, snowmen and santas. Lots of snowballs, frosted poinsettias and touches of green. New this year are the glass pinecone ornaments that I found at Target. I really don't ever need to buy another ornament but still usually add a little something different every year. Below are some closer views where you can see the ornaments a little better.

If you have pictures, of your tree, online I would love to see them and if you would like to share you could post a link in the comment section.
Happy decorating!

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