Monday, January 18, 2010

2010 Hen's Beach Trip

I am very fortunate to have friends from childhood that I still see and take trips with. Especially fortunate that one of those friends has access to a beautiful beach house and we were able to go there this past weekend. This is what the beach looked like Friday afternoon. Gorgeous, clear a little cool but nothing compared to the temperatures we had the last 2 weeks. Took a long walk, remembered that in high school we would have braved the cold, gone up into the dunes, slathered on some baby oil and iodine and burned ourselves almost to a crisp.........It's a wonder today we don't all look like old dried up leather.
We set the clocks to get up Saturday morning to watch the sunrise and it was so worth it. This was the scene out my bedroom window. It was cold that morning, frost on the roof, but had to brave the cold to try and get some shots with my camera. I didn't do it justice........this is just one of the views. It became more and more spectacular as the sun rose on the horizon.
The smart ones, Kathy, Thora, and Sara stayed in the nice toasty house, and you can see the reflection of Beth and I out in the cold with our cameras. I had quite an attractive outfit on, pj bottoms, a sweat shirt, black sneakers and that you wouldn't want to see a pictures of. LOL it was not pretty!
Just another shot as the sun rose over the ocean. I wish I could describe how the colors changed just every few beautiful.
This is the crew out doing some "junking" for the day. Never know where you are going to find treasures. The trouble with that is all the treasure I find are expensive and everything Rose finds costs 2.00. I don't know how she does it. But I don't have the touch.
One of the shops we stopped at had this great sign outside. I think I could hang this sign around my neck, put it on a t-shirt or something. Maybe I'll have t-shirts made for all of us..maybe an idea for Christmas presents next year.
The weather was quite different Sunday morning. Winds of 20-30mph. The slick ocean of Friday had been replaced by a very rough one. Pouring rain, haze, winds, so we stayed in and watched movies. Julie and Julia was my favorite. Julia Child was an amazing woman and one of my favorite parts of the movie.......She just found out that the book she had been working on for years was not going to be published...........all that work and her response was "Boo Hoo, What Next?". I wish I could live my life more like that when facing disappointments..acknowledge the disappointment but then look forward to see what is next.........okay maybe I should put that on another t-shirt or maybe I could get a tattoo. LOL!
After movies, snacks and lots of discussing this was how we looked at the end of the weekend. It was so relaxing.
I have known these girls since childhood. We have been through school, marriages, divorces , family deaths, children, We have shared a lot. I hope you have a group of friends like that.


  1. How great that you have so many childhood friends that you are still close with! What a fun weekend, makes me miss North Carolina. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Fabulous pictures. I too, love photographs. Come visit. Great cards too!


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