Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow in the south!

The snow started around 8pm on the 12th. I was convinced the forecasters had missed again because they said it would start around 6. It started with big snowflakes and lots of them and it didn't take more than an hour or two for this amount of accumulation.
This was the view before sunrise. I have been sick all week so I was up and down all night but it gave me the opportunity to watch the changing view. It also is the reason that all of my shots were taken from the same place. Inside my back door in the warmth of the house. As much as I would have love to have been outside in it, really didn't want to take the chance of getting sicker.
Love this little sitting area out near the field, just a quiet place to sit and enjoy nature and I don't think it has ever been more beautiful than it was a this moment.
Is anything more beautiful than when the sun starts to shine through the snow and everything just glistens? Love the shadows on the's almost magical.

As soon as the sun started coming up the birds were out looking for some food. I always worry that our little southern feathered friends will find the snow and the cold too much. But nature is a wonderful thing and they seem to make it through just fine. It was a happy accident that I caught that bird in flight.

Then back off to bed for me but Larry went out to look at the scenery and take a few pictures. These are two wonderful pictures that he took
This a a wonderful shot of Moore's Creek .
And he came across this great duck swimming in the chilly water. We have been through this area so much and today was the first time there have been ducks in the water.

I always enjoy seeing the snow, since we usually don't get to see any.........and hardly ever see this much. But this year I am ready for warm weather and spring.
Hopefully will be feeling much better soon and able to get back to some crafting.


  1. Beautiful photo's! Love the birds at the feeder! It was a perfect snow so pretty.

  2. gorgeous pics--sometimes snow can be beautiful and you've caught that!


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