Friday, April 16, 2010

Orton Plantation Gardens, a Good Friend, and my camera!

Orton Plantations is located in Brunswick Co, North Carolina and was built in 1725. The first house was burned by the Indians and the house was rebuilt in 1735. That house is the center of this current house. If you would like to read more of the history of Orton you can find it here. As you can see it is in all it's glory in the spring when the azaelas and flowering trees are in bloom. You can find huge water oaks everywhere.
You know how it is, you never do the tourist thing near your home but I knew this would be a great time to go and take pictures so I ask a friend, who had never been, to join me. It was the perfect day, not a cloud in the sky and just the perfect temperature. I took over 300 pictures.........and no I am not going to bore you with all of them LOL! But I did want to share some of the views.

This is one of the beautiful gardens surronding the house. This is directly in front of the house and some of the flower beds are in the shape of butterflies.

This is a view from the other end of the garden.

There are paths throughout the property and this is just another beautiful garden area.

I have never seen a tree like this, it was gorgeous, full of these beautiful blooms. If you happen to know what kind it is please leave a comment and let me know.

This is my friend Cheryl, I told her to get up in this oak and she did! Love these trees, perfect for climbing. That was one of my favorite activities in my childhood.

This was not my friend but I was excited to see him! We actually saw two alligators during the trip, which may explain the need for this sign:

There was also some beautiful birds and butterflies.

And one last shot of the beautiful oaks


  1. Oh my goodness, Debbie. These photos are exquisite! Not boring at all. Looks like a sunny , wonderful day!l

  2. Beautiful photo's, looks like a wonderful time to visit there!

  3. Oh my Debbie! Absolutely loved your photos and thanks so much for sharing your story and your day! I love all the flowers! So glad you had some beautiful weather to enjoy!

  4. Spectacular day! Great photos except the wierdo in the tree who did just as she was told! You don't need more lenses and you have a knack for great shots!


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