Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Simple things make me smile

I was sitting at the computer checking emails and facebook and looked over at the neighbor's bird house and saw a pair of Carolina Wrens gathering materials for a nest. Grabbed the camera and tried to sneak up on them so I could photograph their work. This one seemed to be wondering exactly what I was doing. I love these little birds they have the prettiest song and it is so loud in comparison to their small size. My hubby is not as thrilled with them as I am since they keep trying to nest in the garage.

Just a few more shots of the two of them working together.

We have an abundance of blue jays this year. I guess he thought they needed a supervisor for the job!

When I started to back in the house I saw this guy who was sitting under the Japanese Maple right at our front door step. Must have walked right by him when I came out.

His photo shoot didn't seem to upset him a bit. I think he enjoyed it! :)

We finally had some rain and the hydrangeas are getting pretty. Last week they were very sad and droopy.

The last thing I have to show you is this Bird sitting on her nest asleep. She built her home in our grape vine and seems very happy there except when I am bothering her with the camera, so I try not to get too close.

But these are the simple things today that put a smile on my face. Hope you have found some simple things to brighten your day!

Thanks for sharing mine with me!


  1. Great pictures, the bunny is so sweet! We have one who thinks he is a chicken! He hangs out and grazes all day with our birds.

  2. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. Isn't it wonderful how birds instinctually work together when building a nest! I love it!

  3. Awesome pics! when I hit the lottery I'll let you manage a nature photography and card design business ;)))))!

  4. Those are all things worth smiling about. I love seeing the "wildlife" around here as well, and hoping the cats don't see it!

  5. What great must have a beautiful place to live with so many wonderful birds and animals!!! We have some cardinals and an owl family that we hear hooting after dark...but we also have fire ants, rattle snakes, coyotes, and brown recluse spiders...yikes!!!

  6. I really LOVE the bunny! He's so calm and peaceful, are they usually that still when you get a closeup shot? Or are you further away and zooming in...great photos!

  7. Hi, Debbie! Great photos! Love the bunny! :-)


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