Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun Little Trip

 Took a little trip out of my comfort color zone. It was a fun little trip and I might make it more often.

Got my inspiration for the trip from my friend Tanya who does some great coloring with copics on her blog.
She was the enabler that got me hooked on copics. We enable each other quite a bit, it's so much fun!
We have a creative day planned for Sunday...Getting together to stamp, color, share ideas, eat, and whatever. Do you have someone close to you that you enjoy creating with?

Today has already presented a couple of surprises..Lunch plans got canceled :(. Ariana coming today instead of tomorrow :).
Hope your surprises are great!
Thanks for visiting! :)


  1. Beautiful card--love the colors and the flower is gorgeous. I scrapbook with my daughter when I am visiting her (she lives in Ohio). These are precious times together and we have lots of fun. I always look forward to spending time with her as we somehow always end up scrapbooking together or make a few cards. You have a great day and keep making those beautiful cards.

  2. Oh my!
    So pretty! I love the deep lavender paired with the yellow! Perfect combo! Enjoy your day with Ariana...btw...that was one of the names I chose if I ever had a that name!

  3. Love the coloring, and the design, beautiful card! Thanks for the mention, can't wait to come up on Sunday!

  4. That is beautiful! I love the color combination and there's those stripes again - love it! I think you should take that little trip again sometime, it agrees with you. Or vice versa. Or something like that.

  5. Soo pretty!! Love it!! :) :) :) :) :) :) Thank you so much for your prayers, they mean allot to us!!

  6. Hi, Debbie! This is a stunning flower! Love the card! I personally find yellow a bit tricky to use. But you've used it well in small doses! :-)


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