Friday, July 30, 2010

Punched Borders Take Two

Oh, this is so much fun! Having a ball playing with punches. The only tricky part is trying to figure out how wide to cut the card stock so that after it is punched it will fit with the other punched edges. If you have any hints I would love to hear them. No, of course I didn't write down these widths while I was doing them...that would have made it way too easy.

Off to my annual Dr.'s appointment this am :(...................would much rather stay home and punch, punch, punch.
Hope your day is wonderful and you only have fun things to do!

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  1. This is so pretty, love the border design and the soft colors with the poppy stamp.

  2. these punches are so much fun, beautiful creation!! :)

  3. Love these punched cards! What I do with the border punches is punch once with the border punch and measure how wide the paper is before and after - that will give you the difference between. They are all different, too, so maybe write it with a Sharpie on the bottom of the punch.

  4. Ooh, love this zig-zag punch! It makes the edges look really interesting and fun! You always pair the most perfect colors of papers together!


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