Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Loving the colors for the PDCC this week.

And this is my interpretation of the challenge....

All stamps are by Memory Box except the celebrate, which is a stamp from PTI. The diamond  background was created with a texture plate.
(I was too late for the challenge, oh well, there is always next week)

On a totally different subject.........I am a very fortunate woman. There are days that I complain about my job, the long hours, working weekends, working holidays........but then there are days when I feel so blessed to do what I do. Those are the days I feel like I have made a difference, a positive impact, and brought a smile to someone's face. I wouldn't trade those days for anything. It's been 34 years. Premature babies never cease to amaze me and I guess when they do it will be time to stop. They are so fragile in so many ways and so strong in others.
I can still remember the first day I saw a baby that weighed 2 lbs. They didn't get much smaller than that 34 years ago. Now we have occassionally have babies that weigh less than 1 lb and as early as 23 weeks gestation. 40 weeks is term.
I believe that we are "where we are in this world" for a reason. Yesterday I had a day that reminded me of that and I was so happy to be "where I was".
Thanks for listening to me ramble on about one of the passions in my life :).

Thanks for coming by, it makes me smile!!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous, love the shade of green you have used! The butterflies are a perfect touch to the card! You have such an important job, it takes a special person like you to do what you do!

  2. Your card is just gorgeous Debbie- love the layers of stamps and the texturing. Bless you for doing such a wonderful job with all those sweet little bundles of love!

  3. The butterfly is so very beautiful in that muted green color! So gorgeous! You worked in the colors perfectly for the challenge. You are definitely right about being and feeling blessed for everything we have....sometimes I complain so much about the little things and tend to forget to be thankful...thanks for your thoughts!

  4. Your card is beautiful. I love what you did with those stamps. Those tiny babies are so lucky to have someone like you looking after them. Isn't is wonderful to love what you do so much? And you put so much love into it. Keep up the good work!

  5. Holy Cow! That butterfly card is spectacular Debbie! Love the colors and the design. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Your card is absolutely gorgeous, Debbie....I sooo love the soft and pretty colors and your design is AWESOME!!!
    Bless your little heart for taking care of those tiny babys for 34 takes a special kinda person, for sure!!! I remember many times being in the delivery room with a bad baby and the feeling of pure joy when the NICU team arrived....I was sweating bullets and the NICU Nurses were soooo calm and reassuring. I knew at those times I was ment to take care of the moms and healthy big babies...LOL!!!

  7. Hi, Debbie! Gorgeous card! I love the textured background, the torn edge, and the cut-out butterflies. So many details and such textural interest! :-)


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