Sunday, January 30, 2011

Loopy Valentine Gift Box

Hope you are having a great Sunday! It is a great day for me because I get to stay home. There is a roast in the crock pot and I had the opportunity to do a little creating before I prepare for a lactation course I am taking this week.
This loopy gift box is from the Silhouette store and I cut it out in white. I masked the box off and colored the loops with a copic marker. Then I cut acetate to fit behind the front panel of the box. Next to stamp around the white edges around the loops.

So I used post it notes to mask the rest of the box.

Then stamped the large canvas stripes and removed the masks

I covered the back panel (of the inside of the box) with bo-bunny patterened paper and adhered the words and the heart. Folded the box and glued the sides together.

Thought you might like to see the entire box shape. The fold lines make it very easy to fold and shape.

I used some silk ribbon around the outside of the box and pulled it up through the holes at the top of the box.
Can't you see this full of silver kisses or Valentine M&Ms. You could put just a few in so the sentiment is always seen or for a fun surprise you could fill it up and they would find the sentiment when the treats are gone.

Today is sunny and bright, the temp is nice around 60 degrees and we opened up the windows to air out the house a little. Maybe I'll do my studying outside, if I don't decide to take a nap first.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding Joy!!!!! At Last! or Maybe Not :(

So when I started this post I was going to talk about the fact that even though it was a rainy, dreary, cold, day and I don't feel so well I was finding joy in the fact that I didn't have anything to do that required me to leave my house or my jammies. That was over an hour ago. I have been trying that long to upload a picutre of my card onto blogger. Finally achieved success by leaving Mozilla and going to Internet Explorer. So now I am finding joy in a posted card! Success!

I made a flower using my Silhouette SD and wanted to make a card to show it off. So I went back to the online store looking for a frame to use with the flower.

So the hope here was to post a picture of the frame I found and the flower I made....NO Such Luck! Now I can't upload a photo on Mozilla or Internet explorer. I claimed "success" a little too soon. I am seriously trying to write a post titled "Finding Joy" and all I am doing is "Finding Frustration!!" You just have to laugh about the irony :)

The oval frame had leaves on the lower left side but I cut it out 3 different times, once in purple and twice in green. One of the green frames was mirrored so I could add some leaves to the right side of the oval.
The sentiment is from the new Hero clear set "Find Joy" and the bird collage is a new wood stamp.
I also cut the frame out in white and used the inner part of the frame to stamp the bird collage on.

The tiny white flowers are part of the silhouette floral image I hoped to show you. A tiny dot of lavendar with a copic marker in the center and covered it with glossy accents.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a better blogger day.........Anyone else out there having any issues uploading photos?
Here's hoping your day finds much more JOY than Frustration!! Thanks for stopping by :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Heart is Happy

A quick family post this morning. We went to Atlanta over the weekend to see our lovely granddaughter Ariana in "Bring it On the Musical" at the Alliance Theater. We are so proud of her. Coming back home we were talking about how far she had come from those early dance years. Made me a little misty-eyed thinking back. 
We are so proud! She has been so focused on what she wants and has worked hard to reach her goals. This is a  picture of she and Larry after the show. So if any of you are in the Atlanta area the show runs until Feb. 20th and you should check it out because they definitely Bring it On!

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Combination that Works!

The starting point for this card was the doily floral background from Silhouette SD. The original shape is a circle but I chose to change it to an oval. I wanted to use a flower from the silhouette library to go in the center of the oval but now matter how I tried I couldn't make it work.

I made the flower an oval....
I couldn't figure out what to use in the center of the flower....
I couldn't figure out what sentiment to use or where to put it....
I tried it in different colors...
I went back and cut the floral doily out of a different color...
one round and one oval.....
I walked away, I went back, I left it for another day...back again

I started to just throw it away but when I woke  up at 5am this morning.....after a cup of coffee I got an idea.
Masking is one of the themes for entries on the Hero Flickr site this month and I have this lovely new cling stamp CG266. The entire image wasn't going to work so I masked out the part of the stamp I didn't want to use and also masked around the center of the floral doily oval. Finally, inked stamp to card stock! I felt success close...but wait there was a stray mark of ink on my beautiful doily. No way to erase it... so that makes the sentiment placement easy...right over the stray mark. First I stamped it and then cut it out using a deckled oval from a Spellbinder's nestability set and then placed it over the mark. Added a few pearls and a flower for embellishment. The sentiment works because today I am celebrating Finishing this card!! LOL!

Does this happen to you? If it does, do you just move on or do you keep trying? I am glad I finally accomplished it but I also feel that if I had just moved on I would have been more productive over the last week.
Hope your week is creative and productive and aggravation free :)
Thanks for stopping by

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Masking the Stamp

This is a different take on the card design I did yesterday. That silhouette frame reminds me of looking through a gate and seeing someone's beautiful garden and I wanted to do a card that had that feel to it.

On a trip to Archivers I picked up this 6x6 paper pad from Basic Gray. It contains some beautiful floral images. The silhouette frame was cut in brown to match the stems on the flowers. The three larger flowers were cut out of another sheet of the paper and layered around the framed sentiment.

The sentiment is an older Stampabilities image and this is what it looks like:

Love that script but it didn't fit in the design the way the words were on the stamp, but you can fix that and here's how.

Place a piece of paper over the word you don't want to stamp and ink up the first part of the stamp you want to use.

I hope you can see that one word is inked and the other one is clean. So now I stamped the first word, cleaned the stamp and repeated the process with the other word. I was either brave or silly depending on how you look at it and stamped each word without the use of a stamp positioner. This time it worked out but if you want to be sure the word ends up exactly where you want it I would recommend using a postitioner.

We ended up with over 6 inches of snow yesterday and a little sleet. Temp is supposed to get near 40 today so a lot of it should be gone soon. That is a nice thing about snow in the goes away before it has time to become a nasty frozen pile of ice.

Hope you can use the technique of "masking the stamp" to alter a stamp so that it fits your design.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Loving my Silhouette SD

I am so infatuated with my Silhouette SD!! What do you think of this new frame design I downloaded this weekend? I cut it in white and then decided to color it with a copic marker. Got my inspiration for color from a wonderful flower that Tanya colored last week. The flowers are two of the new Hero Arts 2011 stamps.
I also got a new flower design from Silhouette that I hope to work with this afternoon.

We are getting more snow unusual for us to have snow this much and so far we have about three inches...they forecast-less than one inch. They tend to mess up winter weather forecasts here. And I will admit I am a winter weather wimp when it comes to driving in it. I haven't done it that much and neither has anyone else around here so it doesn't take much and there are accidents everywhere.

Where ever you are today, I hope you are safe and warm and getting some creative time. Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flower Bird Garden

Shaped cards are wonderful and now that I have my handy dandy Silhouette SD I will be able to make more of them. I wanted to make something for the Hero Challenge this month and I chose the technique of masking. I used the round doily design from Silhouette and changed it to make it an oval design. I cut it out on white card stock and masked over the looped edges with post it notes. Then I stamped the rectangle  Flower Bird Garden (CG270) using salvia blue ink. Removed the post it notes and I had a beautiful oval stamped center with crisp white edges.

Back to the silhouette and cut a plain pink oval slightly larger than the stamped oval doily. I really like the idea of being able to make that doily background any size you would need for the stamp you want to use. Then I cut 2 larger white ovals for the card base. Made a score line about 1 inch down from the top and taped the front and back together just at that section.

All that was left was adding a few pearls. Decided not to add a sentiment to the front of this card, with the busy design of the stamp and the doily edges I felt that it would be easy to overdo. This size will fit perfectly into an A2 size envelope.

Jackie left a comment and ask if I had ordered more blades for my  silhouette and I didn't, but I think I may need to place an order soon because I am giving this one a workout LOL!

On a grumpier note, I have a new pet peeve as of today. Have been online pricing photoshop and it really aggravates me that CS5 is $400.00 cheaper if you are a teacher or a student....Excuse me I am a nurse and I work as hard as a teacher AND I work holidays, weekends, hurricanes, bad weather and I don't get summers off!!! Where is my good pricing and I promise you my salary is probably in the same range of that teacher.  I know teachers work very hard and they are not appreciated nearly enough. They deserve any breaks they get. But so do other people and professions. So Adobe if you are  listening I would love to have your product but something in me screams about how unfair that is. Do you think all teachers and students are using it for school work? I don't think so.
 Any of you that have any connections with Adobe, please feel free to pass this on. What about police, firemen, and military where are their discounts?

Okay, I'm better now...thanks for letting me vent! Promise not to do it too often.

Thanks for visiting...see you again soo!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Friends with New Stamps

If you have visited before you know that Tanya, (Scattered Stamper) and I are good friends and are fortunate to live close enough that we can get together and have some creative days. Sunday was the first time we have been able to get together since Lainey was born and I was really looking forward to it.  We had a very productive day and we were able to share some of our new stamps. This is a new stamp from Memory Box that Tanya has. It was stamped on purple card stock and the flowers were colored with copic markers. A little shading was added with a white pencil and then just a touch of glossy accents.

The background is another great design cut out with my Silhouette SD. The more I use the shilhouette the more I like it, all of the wonderful designs and how versatile it is. Very glad that I finally took the plunge.

It's exciting that people are beginning to talk about CHA, wondering what new products will be available after that. I can't imagine what it would be like to actually be there.......I don't know if my heart could take the excitement LOL! Guess I will just have to rely on the lucky people who get to attend to post to get a little glimpse.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Everything

The inspiration for this card came from Tiffany's post HERE. I loved all her bright beautiful colors and don't you think her post would be a great post for a color challenge? Tanya got this wonderful new flower stamp, isn't it beautiful? When she came over yesterday I just had to give it a try.  My 2011 wish list just keeps growing and surprise there.

This was really a quick and simple card to do, letting the glossy accents dry took the longest of anything.
Stamped the flower image (CL496) on Bo Bunny powder blue paper colored with copics (B21, B23) cut it out and added some glossy accents for dimension. Stamped the leaf (CG148) on Bo Bunny mint green paper, cut out and added glossy accents.
Cut the white card stock and punched the border with a Martha Stewart border punch.  It is hard to see but on either side of the strip of blue paper I added some embossed lines with a scoreboard. I stamped the blue background flower (CL275) with salvia blue ink ( I stamped it first on scrap paper and then stamped it again without reinking).
The sentiment (LL165) was stamped and cutout with a Spellbinders nestability, edged with the lighter copic marker. Adhered the layers to a white card base and it was all done. This was quick and easy enough that you could make some in different colors and with different sentiments and give them in a set for a nice gift.

I was supposed to work today but census is a little lower and I was able to stay home and take call. So some crafting fun this morning and now it's time to study a little. I am hoping to take the Lactation Consultant exam this summer. And maybe if I get to stay home all day I might do a little house cleaning. I have my priorities in first :)

Have a great day and thanks for your visit.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Bird and Blooms Collage

There are lots of great new stamps in the Hero 2011 catalog. This beauty caught my eye from the very first and I knew it would be at the top of my wish list. The background stamp is also from the new catalog.

I stamped the collage image on River Rock card stock from SU with black dye ink and then used a white colored pencil to highlight parts of the image. It was cut out with a Spellbinders nestability, color was added to the edge using a gray dye ink, a distress tool was used, and then a little more highlighting with the white pencil. I stamped the leaf part of the image again, cut it out and layered it over the first stamped image so that it would extend over the oval.
The dark gray card stock was used for the next nestability shape and the card base. The diagonal definition was stamped on light gray card stock and then a little distressing was done using the River Rock dye ink.
It's a little difficult to see in this picture but I added a little glossy accents over the birds eye and in the center of the tiny black flowers at the bottom of the collage. Black pearls were added to the center of the flowers.

Tanya and Lainey came over today and we got to do a little stamping, and a little oohing and aahing over the new stamps we acquired since our last stamp day. We had fun and Lainey is just adorable.
Thanks for visiting, hope to see you again soon!