Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flower Bird Garden

Shaped cards are wonderful and now that I have my handy dandy Silhouette SD I will be able to make more of them. I wanted to make something for the Hero Challenge this month and I chose the technique of masking. I used the round doily design from Silhouette and changed it to make it an oval design. I cut it out on white card stock and masked over the looped edges with post it notes. Then I stamped the rectangle  Flower Bird Garden (CG270) using salvia blue ink. Removed the post it notes and I had a beautiful oval stamped center with crisp white edges.

Back to the silhouette and cut a plain pink oval slightly larger than the stamped oval doily. I really like the idea of being able to make that doily background any size you would need for the stamp you want to use. Then I cut 2 larger white ovals for the card base. Made a score line about 1 inch down from the top and taped the front and back together just at that section.

All that was left was adding a few pearls. Decided not to add a sentiment to the front of this card, with the busy design of the stamp and the doily edges I felt that it would be easy to overdo. This size will fit perfectly into an A2 size envelope.

Jackie left a comment and ask if I had ordered more blades for my  silhouette and I didn't, but I think I may need to place an order soon because I am giving this one a workout LOL!

On a grumpier note, I have a new pet peeve as of today. Have been online pricing photoshop and it really aggravates me that CS5 is $400.00 cheaper if you are a teacher or a student....Excuse me I am a nurse and I work as hard as a teacher AND I work holidays, weekends, hurricanes, bad weather and I don't get summers off!!! Where is my good pricing and I promise you my salary is probably in the same range of that teacher.  I know teachers work very hard and they are not appreciated nearly enough. They deserve any breaks they get. But so do other people and professions. So Adobe if you are  listening I would love to have your product but something in me screams about how unfair that is. Do you think all teachers and students are using it for school work? I don't think so.
 Any of you that have any connections with Adobe, please feel free to pass this on. What about police, firemen, and military where are their discounts?

Okay, I'm better now...thanks for letting me vent! Promise not to do it too often.

Thanks for visiting...see you again soo!


  1. You have good reason to vent on that subject, Debbie! I agree! And your card today is beautiful! Love the result from the masking!

  2. Beautifully designed card, Debbie - love the colors you chose, too. I'm with you on the seems anymore that you have to know someone to get any deals. Should be the same for everyone!

  3. What a wonderful masking job you did!! Love the carefully placed pearls, you are so precise! Don't mind your rants at all! Feel free to say whatever is on your mind...I actually feel better when I write things down instead of saying them verbally....writing things on my blog definitely take the tension away, love it!

  4. Hi ~ Although I crafted for a living for many years, I'm new to papercrafting. I've learned to use the Xyron for adhering smaller 'filigreed' type piece, but what do you use for larger pieces like this card ... which is so sweet, BTW. Thanks!!

  5. Kaylyn, Sometimes I use a glue stick if it is very delicate. I do use the xyron quite a bit also. If it is so delicate that I think it might tear with a gentle touch with a glue stick I use a spray adhesive. Hope that helps.

  6. Yes; thank you. Do you have a preferred brand of spray adhesive?

  7. No I don't use it very often and I am not even sure what brand I had in my closet. It was so old I didn't know if it would still stick or not :)

  8. I completely agree with you on the pricing. Retirees on Social Security can't afford those prices at all. Now they want us to RENT the program by the month! Ridiculous!


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