Sunday, March 6, 2011

How to Change the size of your Silhouette design

I had a few questions about the Rounded Lattice card, changing a design size and making sure your desired area is cut, so I put together a quick tutorial on the way I do it. Keep in mind that I am pretty new to the Silhouette and there may be a much better way to do it. So If you know a better or easier way I would enjoy hearing your ideas. 

This is the design as it downloads from the Silhouette store. As you can see it gives you the dimensions and if they weren't there you could figure them out by counting the grid lines as they are about 1inch apart. The red lines of the design are the cut lines so as long as you have your design cut area inside the larger red rectangle (The cut area), all of your design should be cut.

To enlarge the size and keep the design intact you click on one of the corner squares and pull it to the desired size.

This shows the design after changing the width to 8.5 inches so when the card is folded it will be the desired 4.25 inches wide but it is only 5" inches high and I want it to be 5.5 inches.

Then I clicked on the squares in the middle of the design to make the card 5.5 inches tall.

Below is a picture of the new A2 size card. As you can see part of the design (The small rectangle) is going outside of the cut area (the large red rectangle) so it will no longer be cut. There is not enough space since the size of the card is enlarged.

Now it is ready to be cut. I hope this has answered any questions and hasn't made it seem more complicated than it really is. If I can figure it out, anybody can. Believe me....In 2007 I didn't know how to copy and paste on a computer!!!! I hate to admit I was that computer illiterate but there it is. I am happy to confirm that "Old Dogs" can learn new tricks. LOL!

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