Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Silhouette Quilt Cards

This is fun! I made 2 more quilt cards using the Silhouette SD. I used the same pattern and did it in different colors. The flowers are from the silhouette online store. There are four different flowers in this set but I only used two of them. I re-sized them and then drew a rounded square around them. Arranged the 9 squares and then drew a larger rounded square around all of them. Then simply cut it out in all the colors of pp I wanted for my quilts. You could do all the items separately, but when you do it this way the layers are inset and not layered on top of each other. The flower centers are the only things that are layered and those were created with a circle punch. 

Not only is this fun, it is Easy!! Looking forward to seeing what other designs they have that can be used to make quilt cards. For those of you who are quilters they do have fabric interfacing so that you can cut fabric.
I took a quilting class about 20 years ago and really enjoyed it, maybe this will inspire me to try it again, but I like instant gratification and this delivers!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Fun design, Debbie, and look how different they look when you change up the colors - just like a real quilt!! Well done!

  2. Super fun and love the variations of colors on the flowers! You make it look easy and so finished!

  3. Very pretty! Another thing I never thought of doing with that darn Silhouette.


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