Sunday, May 15, 2011

Flower Doily Card

Joining in on the challenge over at Our Creative Corner. The challenge is to use a  monochromatic color scheme using only neutral colors and add lace and buttons. I struggled! I am going to do this design again using bold colors.

The lace doily background was created on the Silhouette SD. I created the card base and the dark background by using the offset feature. The floral stamp is from Penny Black and the sentiment from PTI.

That's it for the crafting portion of this post.
Warning: Nature's Ugly Side

I have been traumatized today but not nearly as bad as a poor bluebird in the neighbors yard. I heard the bird just fussing and fussing and saw it flying by a bird house over and over so I went over to check it out. I got close to the bird house thinking I might see some babies but when I looked in I saw a Snake! So I knew what ever was in the bird house couldn't be saved but I was afraid the mama would try to go back in to the babies and the snake would have her too. I knew as long as I was standing there she wouldn't fly in. I saw my neighbor and called out for him to come over to help. Sure enough the poor babies couldn't be helped but that hateful snake won't get any more babies and the mama is okay.

Hope your day has been creative and fun without any drama.


  1. Awww poor birdies!!! Beautiful card!

  2. Beautiful card...I love the neutrals that you chose and I love doilies!
    I'm sorry to hear that the baby birds couldn't be saved, but SO glad that the momma is ok. I have 2 bird feeders outside our family room windows and I just love watching the birds come and go.

  3. I think this is lovely, Debbie, and it doesn't look to me like you struggled at all! I love the soft neutrals and that doily is lovely!

  4. Your struggle was not in vain, this card turned out quite lovely. I really like the little buttons in the centers of the flowers, too. I would love to see it in bold colors, or even pastels. That's too bad about the baby birds :-(. Apparently a blue jay has a nest around here, too, our cats can hardly step foot in the yard without being dive bombed.

  5. Ah, that is so sad to hear about the birds! Goodness, I don't think I could handle seeing that. :( Your card is perfect! With that design, I don't think you would ever have to buy any doilies, you have a customized one right there!

  6. Aw, poor baby birds! How did a snake ever get in there? My son just built a birdhouse with his dad and hung it out back (no visitors yet)...hopefully nothing like that will happen.

    Your card is just lovely...who knew that a Silhouette doily could be so pretty!

  7. Oh dear Debbie, that's awful - I would have been traumatised too - we are fortunate not to have snakes here in the UK (apart from the odd grass snake and adder which you would be lucky (or unlucky as the case may be) to see one. Poor babies.

    Your card is gorgeous, as I said previously, I love the doily and it looks great in monochromatic.

  8. This is just beautiful, Debbie, and what a terrible story! Poor mamma bird! Love the card! Thanks for playing along with Our Creative Corner this week!

  9. Did you know that the page view by country thing covers your text?

    I love this monochromatic scheme! I think it is prettier than the colorful one.


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