Friday, August 19, 2011

Silhouette Birthday Banner

It's a Friday and I have the weekend off! Trying to tie up some necessary errands today so I can fully enjoy Saturday and Sunday. Summer is winding down and I find myself looking forward to those delightfully crisp autumn days.

I made this card a few days ago using two designs from Silhouette. I like to make birthday cards to have on you think I would be better about getting them in the mail. I have been terrible this year about getting cards out. I did post one card on facebook and said it was for all my facebook friends who had birthdays in August. Isn't that the laziest thing you ever heard? I am going to do better next year!
Am I the only one who has this issue? Will anyone else confess to something similar?

Back to the card. Here are the designs I used to make the card:
 I printed the card in white.
On the Silhouette, I cut the teardrop edge away from the rest of the card and copied it 4 times and filled it with the different colors. Cut those out and layered them in a staggered fashion to the bottom of the card.
I changed the colors on the birthday banner, printed them and cut them out on the Silhouette.
They were adhered to the card using foam tape.

The next project I have to share is not a completed card. I was given a card with a beautiful quilt pattern on the front and I wanted to try and create that look on the Silhouette. I wasn't able to find the pattern I wanted in the online store but I did find this design:

And here is what I created by duplicating the design

I made the background by offsetting the quilt pattern and only cutting out the border. I cut that out in white and cut the design out in pp. Then ran it through my cuttlebug using an impression plate.
That is as far as I have gotten. Not sure exactly how I will use it. Have any ideas for me?

Did a little shopping today at "I Love Mementos". Have you seen the new LaBlanche stamps they are carrying? They are fantastic, can't wait for them to get here.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for visiting!!


  1. This is amazing, Debbie! So realistic, and your running it through to get some more texture makes it all the more life-like! I'd frame it as is!

  2. Stunning! I hereby dub you Queen of the Silhouette. I wish you were closer, I'd be over at your house taking lessons!

  3. These are both amazing cards, I love them! :)


  4. What a beautiful birthday card with the stacked scallops and banner and I love the quilt background you created....this will make a gorgeous card!!!

  5. Super fun bright colors on your card, it makes me happy and sure to brighten anyone's b-day, for sure!!

  6. Debbie you are a Silhouette genius!

  7. I agree- you are the Sillouette QUEEN! I want to come over to your house and take lessons, too! These are AMAZING. PERIOD.

    Can't wait to see what you create with your LaBlanche stamps- they are totally addicting; aren't they? :)

    You asked on my blog today about my coloring- the only coloring class I've taken is the Copic Certification class. I just enjoy studying different coloring techniques online and playing and trying them out- it's totally relaxing to me!

    Thanks again for all of your support, my friend. Sending you BIG hugs!

  8. wow! these are seriously amazing! I have never tried a Silhoutte but you could teach a class!


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