Saturday, October 29, 2011

Huge Sigh!

Hi Everyone! I am finally back and first of all wanted to share this sweet little card. The stamp is from Stampavie and the frames were made using my wonderful Silhouette. The image was colored with copics.

I have wonderful news to share and that is that I took my IBCLC exam back in July and found out on Friday that I passed. What a HUGE relief!! I didn't realize how stressed I was about the whole thing but when I was able to open the website and see that I had actually passed, I burst into tears.....I was literally shaking I was so relieved. I had recently taken a job at my hospital as a part-time lactation consultant and if I had not passed the test this year....I had to try again next year. The test is not cheap and is only given once a year so thank goodness I don't have to worry about that anymore.

All that pressure....was self inflicted. Isn't that terrible? I have been a Neonatal nurse for 35 years, consider myself blessed to have had that opportunity and I plan to continue working in the NICU prn.  But early last year I started talking with one of our LCs about the need for increased support for our NICU moms and made the decision to pursue this career path. It has been quite the path for the last year. Outside of my regular job hours I worked with her to complete my requirements and did over 100 hours of education in order to be able to apply for the test. I am afraid my poor family has gotten the short end of things during this period, but they have been very supportive.

So huge sigh! and huge smiles!!!! I start my new job next week and am looking forward to it but also have some mixed feelings about not being in the NICU all the time. I'll admit to some tears when I think about what a blessing that opportunity has been. So many families over the years who have touched my life in ways they will never know. Even on the most stressful of days there have been blessings. If you have never seen a premature baby before you might not understand how a baby as tiny as 1 lb can have a personality and be the most precious of miracles, and I consider myself fortunate to have seen that.

So thank you for allowing me to share my news and thoughts with you. Now that some of the stress is gone I hope to be here more consistently and I thank you for your patience.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Way to go, Debbie! Congrats on passing the test - whew! I can "hear" your relief. Love this adorable card! Those little birdies are the cutest and I love the pretty colors!

  2. Congratulations on your exam results! Hope you are happy in your new career path. Your card is beautiful! I love it

  3. Oh, Debbie! Big congrats to you! What a relief to see the passing grade!! What a fulfillment in our lives when we reach each milestone like that! I love your card, the two birdies are so sweet!


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