Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Silhouette Star Birthday Card

It's Birthday time! Time has just flown by and my son will be celebrating his 31st birthday on Friday. I wonder where the time has gone.... I am always telling the girls at work with young children to cherish every minute because it goes by way too quickly. 

This card was created on the silhouette using 3 different designs and a fill pattern. 

This was the design used for the card base.

This is the fill pattern. I love these because they are so versatile. You can change the size, the direction and the opacity of the patterns.

This sentiment was perfect for the card base. I used the fill pattern for color and offset it with a white border for the cut line.

And the 3 little stars above the sentiment were taken from this frame design.

The white inner part of the star is cut out and I added a piece of green card stock behind the cut out so it would show up more than it did against the white inside of the card and I didn't have to worry about where I placed the sentiment inside the card.

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  1. Love this Birthday card, also love how you break down what you did. I would have never thought to add those extra stars and they are the perfect touch!

  2. Sweet and such a cute design, love all the blues! Been wondering how you've been!

  3. Wonderful card, Debbie! I love those stripes!


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