Sunday, November 6, 2011

Snow Globe Shaker Card

All the elements from this snow globe card are from the Silhouette gallery.
First I offset the snow globe design and made it into the card base.
Then I went back to the original design and cut it apart between the base and the globe.
I used a fill pattern for the sky and then colored the base and wrote the sentiment over the base. Then grouped the elements back together.
The tree swirl pattern was colored and offset and cut twice.
The Santa and sleigh were a solid design, so I cut them apart and filled the 3 sections with different colors and then grouped them back together. It was offset and cut around the offset, rather than cutting directly around the design.
Then I used the snow globe pattern again and did an internal offset and cut both edges to have the frame for the shaker part of the card.
Placed that frame and the second tree swirl cut out  over a piece of acrylic and cut the acrylic to fit it.
Cut dimensional foam tape to fit behind the offset frame and tree swirl cardstock. Removed the tape backing and sealed 3 sides. Poured some large glitter into it and sealed the last side.
If you decide to make a shaker card make sure that the foam tape covers all edges so that your filler doesn't leak out.

The hardest part of the whole card was cutting the foam tape small enough so that it wouldn't show.

I am so happy that the time has changed back but today is going to be a long day. I am working today from 3-11, and I am not sure how I managed to schedule myself like that for the first day of time change.

Hope you don't have to work today and are enjoying life!

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  1. Super cute card, what a fun shape! :) Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Wow, Debbie! That is fabulous! You did the tape perfectly - can't see it at all. The change of clocks always throws my body clock out too - didn't fancy lunch until lunch hour was over!

  3. Super cute snow globe! Love the trees, flourishes and stars at the bottom edge! Hubs worked from 3-12 when he started a new job and that was his training hours. He didn't mind too much, but he loves graveyard shift now!

  4. WOW, Debbie...this is fantastic!!!! Your little snowglobe is just tooo cute and how clever to make it the card shape!!!


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