Thursday, December 29, 2011

1st Birthday Card 2012

Thank you for the great ideas on how to get reminders for events! They were very helpful and I went back to my Yahoo calendar to check and they send reminders. So I have something I can use until I get to check out your suggestions. Would never have thought to look if it hadn't been for your comments.

This is my first birthday card for 2012. They start early, Jan. 2nd, and I have quite a few this month. I was trying to design something that would be easy to make and duplicate, making a few changes to make them more personal for each individual. This could be easily changed by using a different border punch, different stamp, different colors, and sentiment.

Quick post today as I am headed to Physical Therapy and then off to  work an 8 hour shift. Not looking forward to the PT but my shoulder is getting better, I have more range of motion but still have a fair amount of pain.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!


  1. Glad to hear the shoulder is feeling a bit better, Debbie! Love this beautiful card! Such pretty colors, and the punched edge is just lovely!

  2. This is gorgeous! Looks like you are already making good on your New Year's resolution! I always like to make floral cards for all birthdays if it is for a female. I usually only save fun and whimsical cake images for children's b-days. But I think flowers is so versatile for all birthdays.

  3. HI:
    Glad to hear the should is getting better. Love this card. The pearls in the flower centers is a great addition. Yes, this can be very versatile with changes as you mentioned.
    Have a good rest of the day.
    Mary Ann

  4. Love your fist birthday card of the year Debbie! I hope the PT helps with your shoulder- no one like to be in pain.

  5. This is really beautiful, have used my favorite color combo...the white on the aqua with the black stamping is sooo elegant and I love the fancy punched border!!! I'm glad you shoulder is getting better...keep up the PT...sounds like it is helping lots!!

  6. Debbie, this is stunning! I love everything about this card, the colors, the design, the pearls. Just perfect. Happy New Year and many blessings to you for 2012. I hope your shoulder is better very soon. Linda


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