Sunday, April 29, 2012

Craft Room Makeover

The time has come. I have been looking at the dated color on the walls of my craft room and it is time for a change. In typical "Debbie" fashion, I have decided that if I have to move everything to paint then I might as well pull up the old carpet and change the flooring. And if the floors and the wall are going to get an update, then I want to update my storage. Below you can see a picture of 2 walls with the color that has to go. Right now it's a cluttered mess.

Please ignore the the clutter as I have been pulling everything out of the closet and have stuff spread everywhere.
I am going to remove the bookcase and the metal potting cart you see at the front of the picture. Larry has already claimed the potting cart for the garage.  I also want to replace all of the plastic storage carts and rearrange everything.

And here is the closet that is all cleaned out. We have removed the wire shelving and are repairing the holes in preparation for painting. It's a fairly large reach in closet and it was packed FULL of stuff. And the next two pictures show all the stuff that came out...and is now residing in the other bedroom.

The cabinets just inside the door are stamp storage and a couple of DMC thread cabinets from a hobby store that went out of business.

 More stuff. Some of this will be donated to a friend for the bazaar at her church.

The plan is to paint,  put the floor down in the closet, build shelves (Larry's job), and move as much as possible into the closet in order to paint and put the floor down in the room. It's going to be lots of work and will take some time but I know it will look better when it's done. Will keep you posted as things progress.

I'm a little overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done but so excited about having a more organized craft room. Maybe it will get those creative juices flowing!!!
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  1. Well, I admire you! What a project, but will certainly be worth it. I can't make myself keep my table cleaned up, let alone all my stuff. I do have it on my list when my schedule is 1/2 time in a few more weeks. Can't wait to see your final results!


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