Friday, June 15, 2012

Lace Delight

My new Penny Black stamps arrived yesterday, oh happy day! This morning I was trying to decide which one to use first and ended up using stamps from 3 different sets. They are "Petal Party", "Lace Delight", and "Social Butterfly".  Wonderful, wonderful stamp sets and I am sure to get lots of use from them.

I want to try this card again and do it in bright bold colors and stamp the flowers and the leaves with black ink.

Still getting use to the new layout in my craft room and still lots left to do. But the hard work is done and what is left are those fun finishing touches. I may need to keep those post it notes on the drawers for a long time so I am not constantly opening all of the drawers trying to find things.

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  1. So pretty, now I am sad I didn't get the lace set :(

  2. So soft and pretty. That is a lovely stamp set, or should I say setS.

  3. Soft & pretty. The softness goes away in the black card...oh yes. Both are lovely.


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